At Community Kids Haven all incursions are planned to provide the children with an invaluable learning experience and to explore the broader community whilst extending learning experiences beyond our classroom curriculum.

Too often we have heard that children are separated, isolated and removed from areas where incursions are happening because some families cannot afford the cost or the entertainers will not include the children. How unfair to the children and families. What kind of a message does this send to the children? At CKH all incursions are sourced and provided by the management team at no cost to families. In conjunction with centre staff we will book performances/experiences that best suits the interests and needs of the children. When you attend the service the centre director will provide you with a calendar of events to make you aware of when these incursions will take place.


Our Incursion program includes but is not limited to following. Here are the most popular Incursions throughout the year


  • Farm Animals 
  • Sea Weed Sally 
  • Egg hatching
  • Fire Engine
  • Water is precious 
  • Dinosaur Digger