Parent Info

Daily needs

If your child is on formula please supply correct amount of boiled water in your child’s bottle and the measured dose of formula in a separate container for the staff to mix.
You'll need several changes of clothes labelled with your child's name in case of any accidents., make sure child has suitable shoes and a coat if it's cold. If the weather is hot, pack a sun hat.

The centre does provide sunscreen, however if your child has allergies or sensitivity you may choose to provide for your child.

If your child requires a comfort item at sleep time or throughout the day such as, dummy, teddy, blanket etc please label and bring along.

Should your child require medication please give this to the staff at drop off and fill in the medication administration form.

Clothing and Sun Protection 

Outdoor activities will be placed in shaded areas where possible.
During summer, outdoor activities are planned in accordance with sunsmart recommendations
Children and staff are to wear hats at all times between September 1st  – April 30th
Sun protection awareness activities will be included in program.
Sunscreen to be applied to every child before exposure to the sun.


As per our medical administration policy, prescribed medication will be administered as directed by the child’s doctor in writing or as set out on the original bottle by the pharmacist with the doctor’s name on the label.
Non prescribed medication cannot be given unless prior written permission and instruction from the child’s doctor has been received.

Health & Safety

All staff hold a current Working with Children Card, First Aid Certificate, Anaphylaxis, and Asthma certificates. All of these are updated at the appropriate times.
On enrolment, parents are required to provide the centre with documentation of their child’s current immunisation status. You will be required to update us with information when your child receives new immunisations.
Allergy lists for all children in the service will be displayed in each room and the centre kitchen.
Parents will be notified if there is an outbreak of an infectious illness.
Emergency evacuation procedures will be practiced monthly.
All centres have a nominated Work Place Health and Safety Officer who conducts routine safety checks on the centre and equipment.

Parent participation

At CKH we have an OPEN DOOR POLICY, where parents and family are welcome into the centre at any time.
We appreciate the time constraints put on parents in this day and age that’s why we value all the more any time you can afford the centre.
Parent involvement at the centre can be for as little as 15minutes or longer depending on what you would like to accomplish, for example you may wish to;

  • Attend special events at the centre as per calendar of events
  • Suggestions for programming
  • Provide feedback of service
  • Attend Parent/Teacher nights
  • Run activities with the children eg. Cooking
  • Share aspects of your culture with the children
  • Volunteer time like reading, artwork, musical talents